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Brief Info about Author

Founder: Dawit Uta

I was born on 1989 G.C. in Bossa Shoga kebele, (Tarcha => Dawuro), Ethiopia.

Currently I am serving as teaching staff and junior researcher in Wolaita Sodo University, School of Informatics, computer science department starting from July 2019. I am also Data Science Enthusiast & Practitioner.

I am interested in teaching of basic computer skills, computer application and computer hardware maintenance. In addition, I have about 5+ years of experience in teaching basic and advanced computer skill as office application, computer software and hardware maintenance experience, providing volunteer service in various ICT club. I served as a teaching staff and providing a Basic computer skill training as a community service in Mettu University starting from August, 2014 to June, 2019.

Computing skills and experiences

  • Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Windows server 2008/2012, Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Application Software: Video editing, audio compressing, Microsoft office, etc
  • Programming Language: C, C++, Java, OOP, C#, VB.NET
  • Virtualization software: Virtual box, VMware
  • Database: MS-Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.
  • Internet programming: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML etc
  • Web Site Designing and development. Experience on CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)
  • Net beans IDE: Visual Studio, PHP Builder, Macro media Dream weaver
  • Networking and Maintenance: LAN (Used packet tracer, Wire shark) PC maintenance
  • Artificial Intelligence (using python Language)
  • Data mining and Machine learning algorithms (Supervised, unsupervised and Reinforcement) and tools like WEKA, python and R etc.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization using python (using Numpy and pandas library)
  • Deep Learning Basics (TensorFlow, Theano, Keras)
  • Cloud computing Technologies (Public, Private and Hybrid cloud) etc.
  • ✓Internet of Things (Integrating different sensors using Arduino Board)
  • Big Data Ecosystem (Hadoop, MapReduce, Yarn,Hive,HBase, Sqoop, Flume, Ambari etc.)


Qualification/Degree Award

Higher education: BS degree in computer science with Great Distinctions academic status from Jigjiga University, Ethiopia (2011- 2014).

Post graduate education: Masters in Technology (M.Tech (CSE)) from Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Symbiosis International University, Pune, India (2016-2018)

Certificates on different areas of Interest
I have various certification on Data Science and related areas, see more on my linkedIn Profile
Also You can visit my Digital badges here

My Hobbies
Reading books, novels, magazines and journals, surfing net, watching films, movies gardening, watching TV some times soccer, and voluntary service rendering and Tutoring.

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