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Welcome to CITCS (Computing Intelligence Training and Consultancy Services) formerly called (david techno tips) website!!. This is a Place of learning and talent development in practice. CITCS is a place of learning, innovating, developing competitive talent, sharing various insights and interesting things related to science, technology and innovation. Specifically  to recover important computing historical events, to introduce recently emerging technologies, to provide the basic and advanced courses in computer Science and related field of study and others too. In generally making world a smart Learning & Studying environment. So stay connected!!

The mission of CITCS is to create an effective impact on an individual, institutions and organizations worldwide by providing wealthy of skills acquired throughout theoretical and practical experiences on various domain areas. CITCS want to work unceasingly to enhance the knowledge and understanding level in any aspects and ensure the equated transparency levels of wisdom with value added solutions and maximum possible support, striving to build a long-term and trustworthy partnership based on performance and honestly passions.

In profession, CITCS founder have 9+ of years of automation and technical experience. By using this wealth of practical experience, initiated and working to develop real world business solutions to meet any clients’ challenge. Always want to maintain an integrity and professional behavior, to follow all the rules & regulations of the country, to respect all and to be disciplined at any place, never want to be discriminated on any grounds and want to be treated as equal.

CITCS Training & Consultancy Services center provides:-
🎯 Training Computer basics to advanced level
🎯 Any Software related training
🎯 Training web development programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP XML etc.
🎯 Designing and developing website for any company, Institution, business group, personal etc.
🎯 Developing specific purpose software’s such as Desktop, client-server, web application etc.
🎯 Maintaining Computer hardware and software problems Computer repair (troubleshooting hardware and software issues, replacing components, and optimizing performance
🎯 Consultation on Hosting and publishing your websites, computer programming and any technology areas etc.
Other services available at CITCS Center are:-

    🎯 Business card design
    🎯 Brochure design
    🎯 Flyer design
    🎯 Poster design
    🎯 Magazine design
    🎯 Various Certificates
    🎯 Call card/Invitation card
    🎯 Book covers, etc.
    🎯 Word processing, data processing,
    🎯 Internet café, photocopying, typing, scanning, binding, photo printing
    🎯 Online registrations,

Technology is very important parameters for development of a given country in various aspects of life, especially in business sectors. New technology comes with new challenges, that challenges increase the experience of an organization, it gives the sustainable strength to the organization.

The Future technology will boost the growth and development of a country, so it’s our responsibility to know the importance of technology in business, educational, agriculture and Industry sectors.